pyre (nornir_pyre)

Pyre commands

The blinking point is the currently selected point


Left Button

<Left Click> to select an existing point

Shift + <Left Click> to add a new point

Alt+Shift + <Left Click> to add a new point and auto-align

<Left Click> + drag to move point under the cursor

Ctrl + <Left Click> + drag to translate warped image

Alt + <Left Click> to move currently selected point to mouse position

Right Button

Shift + <Right Click> to delete point under the cursor

<Right Click> + drag to move the view

Scroll wheel

<Scroll wheel> zoom in or out

Ctrl + <Scroll wheel> to rotate warped image


A,W,S,D Move the view

Page Up/Down Change the magnification

M Match the view on all windows to look at the same point as the current window (Not Functional for Warped Image)

L Show transform mesh lines

Space Auto-align the selected point

Shift + Space Auto-align all points

Ctrl+Z to undo a step

Ctrl+X to redo a step

Tab Change properties of the view. A warped image may be displayed as it appears registered. The composite view will switch to a different view.