Pyre Installation

Users should begin by following the common installation instructions before proceeding to the Pyre’s specific instructions below.

Python packages

Use the latest 64-bit version of packages unless otherwise specified

Installing Pyre package

From the Python scripts directory use pip to install pyre directly from github:

pip install git+

For reasons uninvestigated Pip can fail to install other nornir packages. If this occurs one can create an empty directory, clone the repository into it, and use python setup:

git clone
python install

Pyre on the Mac

X11 is required and is available from ‘XQuartz’_

Users have had trouble getting Pyre running on the Mac. Some have no trouble and others spend a lot of time fighting the wxPython library. The problem is not well investigated so if a solution is found please E-mail so we can document.

Launching Pyre

Once installed pyre creates a python script for launching pyre and well as some executable shortcuts. The current practice is to launch from the Python scripts directory:


If that fails download the source to a directory using git clone command, change to the directory that command creates, and then run start pyre:

python scripts/